Comcast – How is this Smart?

I have been Comcast/Xfinity customer for almost six years. This March my contract with Comcast ended. I called Comcast to try to reduce my bill. We only need high-speed internet (no TV). I asked if I can get a plan that they currently offer their new customers. The answer was no.

I figured I will call again in a few weeks.

I called again in a few weeks. I asked if I can get a plan they currently offer their new customers. The answer was again no. I have to say, both times the agents were very nice and polite. At the end of the second call I told the agent that if I cancel the plan, you guys (Comcast) will will start calling me in a few weeks asking me to come back? The agent said: yes.

Two weeks after I cancelled and switched to another internet provider Comcast called offering a new plan and asking if I would switch back.


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3 responses to “Comcast – How is this Smart?”

  1. That’s cute…

    But seriously, their Head of Customer Loyalty Department should be changed.

    1. I think they just follow the rules (from the top). I might be missing something, but how does it makes sense to lose a customer and then two weeks later offer me to switch back? Maybe there is something we don’t know.

  2. As is typical with large corporations – they have a process, they will follow it. It is not about making sense. It is about process. Process is key.

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