Pressure to Deliver Enterprise Mobile Apps Fast

Darryl Taft from eWeek published a great article: No-Code Platforms, Cloud Services Offer Options for Mobile App Dev. The article talks about pressure enterprises face today to deliver mobile apps fast.  The article also covers An excerpt is below and full article here.

Mobile app development environment provider Exadel’s offers a cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated back-end services and a catalog of API plug-ins that simplify integration with cloud services and enterprise systems.

As part of its solution, also features a no-code, RAD environment.

“Our cloud-based mobile platform requires no coding, but it’s unique in that it also supports the needs of professional programmers,” Francisco Kattan, vice president of marketing at Exadel, told eWEEK. “It’s not like codeless tools are replacing coding tools; it’s about empowering a much broader base of developers to innovate. The number of Java, C++ and C# programmers is limited and we can’t keep up with demand.”

Kattan said Exadel expects that 25 percent of all apps that will be developed for the enterprise by 2015 will be built using codeless tools. He also cited a Gartner report that predicts that by 2018 more than half of all apps will be built with codeless tools.

“We have a graphical development environment, but we don’t limit you to the GUI,” he said. recently announced it has reached more than 150,000 developers that are using the platform.

Getting into the specifics of the platform, Max Katz, head of developer relations for, said, “We always start with HTML5. Then we can take that HTML5/JavaScript app and package it for mobile. We use PhoneGap/Apache Cordova. We can build mobile, web apps or hybrid apps.”

Among the system’s underlying technology is HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Bootstrap and MongoDB, among other things, Katz said.

“We researched all the leading mobile app platforms and, chose for its intuitive visual development environment, integrated backend services and its catalog of API plug-ins,” said JC Lin, CEO of Zagama, an app development company in Asia that has partnered with “’s intuitive visual environment assists customers in overcoming the barriers affiliated with cross-platforms so developers can work on a project remotely and simultaneously.”

Exadel’s Kattan says offers a complete mobile app development platform—not just tools but complete backend services in the form of an MBaaS.

“MBaaS environments are essentially cloud-based collections of fine-grained services intended to support mobile developers,” Hilwa told eWEEK. “Mobile developers tend to be front-end focused and love the handholding they get for setting up back-ends which is usually challenging for their skill-sets. The majority of MBaaS companies were born three to four years ago to target consumer environments, but some have recently started targeting enterprises.”

Read the entire article.

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