In-App Email Simplified with New SendGrid Mail API Plugin

logo_full_color_rev_stk-8e61b89dc19c17feebe2897681cc1246SendGrid is one of those services that makes adding in-app email capability way too simple. SendGrid is a provider of a cloud-based email solution and provides an elegant and easy-to-use REST API to send emails from a mobile app. It is very likely that your app needs to send emails, such as registration confirmations, password reset emails, two-step verification emails, general notification emails, or any other type of email communication. SendGrid is the perfect solution., the most complete mobile and web platform offered as a service, enables enterprises to build responsive and mobile apps very fast. combines a cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated back-end services and a catalog of API plugins that dramatically simplify integration with cloud services and enterprise systems.’s out-of-the-box integration with any 3rd party API is the perfect match for building messaging-enabled mobile apps fast with the SendGrid API. To make it even faster to add email capability to an app, launched a SendGrid Mail API plugin. The plugin can be quickly added to a new or existing app, and provides a sample app that sends an email message with an attachment. The developer can customize or modify the plugin as needed.

Check out the video below and then continue to SendGrid blog to try the tutorial.

Continue to the tutorial.

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