Here is a Super Fast Way to Test Your Cordova App

Testing a hybrid (Cordova/PhoneGap) app is hard and usually takes a lot of times. When you are building a hybrid app in, you are seconds away from testing your app on the device, without having to install it. Let me show you how. Just a note, a few weeks ago I showed a fast way to test your app in the browser.

The first step is to install the free Tester app for iOS or Android.

Next, sign in with your account and you will see a list of all your apps:

Now simply tap on any app and the real hybrid app will be launched on the device. What’s really good is that this is the real hybrid app running on the actual device. This means you can test any native API (every app in has Cordova bundled) and you didn’t even have to install the app on the device. You can go back to the App Builder, make changes to the app and then simply reload the app in the Tester app. You will get all the updates you must made right away (just don’t forget to click Save in the App Builder).

This is a super fast and easy way to test your hybrid app on the device without having to install it.

There is one more thing I want to tell you about.

What if you want to share your app with a client, manager, colleague or even with a friend? Most likely they don’t have an account. And that’s fine. All they need to do is install the Tester app (iOS, Android), then you will send them a special share code. With this share code, they will be able to run exactly the same app without needing an account.

You can get the code from app details page:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.53.31 PM
Generating share code

You can create more than one share code, with a comment and set a custom expiration date. The default expiration date is 7 days.

This makes running and testing your app dramatically faster. Not only you don’t have to install the app on the device, you can share the app with anyone quickly.

If you want to build app faster, sign up for our free account today.

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