How to Run, Test and Share Your Hybrid App Fast, Without Installing it on the Device

How do you share your hybrid app during development with the client, colleagues or even just friends to get feedback? It’s not simple. One approach is to build a binary for iOS (.ipa) or Android (.apk) and send it to the person who wants to try the app. This approach is complicated as it requires people installing the app on the device. Non-technical folks probably don’t know how to do that. Luckily there is a much simpler and faster approach. Let me show you this approach.

When you are building a hybrid app in platform, you get access to a simple, yet very powerful app called Tester app. This app, freely available for iOS and Android makes it very simple and fast to test your hybrid app on the device without having to install the app. Running the app on the device helps you test native APIs such as camera very quickly. This is how the app looks: Tester app for Android Tester app for Android

The app has a login screen so you might wondering how is this simple if I need to create any another account. It’s true that when building an app in you can put together a team of developers and they will have access to your app and will be able to run the app in the tester app.

But, there is even a simpler way to run the app — and you don’t need to have an account.

You can quickly generate a share code from app details page:

Generate a share code
Generate a share code

Share this code with anyone you want, all they need to do is download the free Tester app for iOS or Android. On the first screen they click “Enter an app code”, enter the code you gave them and the app will be launched on their device.

All your client, colleagues, or friend had to do is install the tester app already available in the app store and now they can run and test any app you build by simple entering a share code.

Screenshot (Oct 12, 2015 3-09-42 PM)
Entering a share code to run an app

If for any reason you need to turn off access to a particular app, you can delete the share code. Also, every share code has an expiration date, and comment field.

This is the simplest way to run and test the app without installing on the device. If you liked this and want to develop fast, quickly sign up for the platform.

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