Updated With More Elegant Code: Invoking Uber REST API From Server Code

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Invoking Uber API

Last Friday I blogged how to invoke Uber REST API from the server. I was looking at Uber documentation and realized there is a better and more elegant way to invoke the API. Uber specifically provides a server token. Instead of using a header parameter, I have updated the script to use the server token. This is how the code looks now:

// service input
var lat = request.get("lat");
var lng = request.get("lng");
var url = "https://api.uber.com/v1/products";
var token = "4dPYezRBsWmqpV_XOyhIb2lndGsRfJaYhhXvJBRY";

var parameters = {
  "server_token": token,
  "latitude": lat,
  "longitude": lng

// send Ajax request
var res = XHR2.send("GET", url, {
// response
response.success(res, "application/json");

Also, instead of attaching the parameters to the URL, the script creates parameters object with all the inputs for the API. This script is more elegant and simpler to understand.

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  1. Virat Tripathi Avatar

    Script uberproducts: :16:0 Expected : but found } }); ^

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