What’s New in Appery.io Platform?

Our March Appery.io platform update has a number of really nice new features and benefits. Learn more what’s new in this blog post. And also don’t forget to check out YouTube channel for new videos.


New Enterprise Components in API Express: Script and Server Code

The Script and Server Code components allow you to add custom logic when creating a service in API Express. The Script component allow you to write any custom logic with JavaScript. The Server Code component allows you to call any existing or new Server Code script, also written in JavaScript. Learn more.

New Push Notifications Features and Capabilities

Push Notifications has been upgraded to allow you to send custom Push Notifications messages. For example, you can add custom sound, custom icon and an a custom action when when a Push Notification message is received. Learn more.

Copy and Paste in the Visual App Builder for Faster Development

A long requested feature, it is now possible to copy-paste UI components inside the visual App Builder between pages and even different apps. Learn more.

New Ionic and Bootstrap Library Versions

The new Ionic and Bootstrap version libraries are better, more stable and have numerous bug fixes to make it even simpler and faster to build enterprise mobile apps. Learn more.

Happy app building!


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