What is Appery.io Push Notifications?

Push Notifications is one of the core components in Appery.io platform and allows you to send Push Notification messages to users who installed your app.

You can send a Push Notification message to all users and also send a targeted message only to particular users. Here are some examples of sending a targeted Push Notification message:

  • Send Push Notification message to users who want to get news about basketball. Send a different message to users who want to get news or updates about travel.
  • Send a Push Notification message to just one user/device.
  • Send a Push Notification message to users who are located in specific geographic area.
  • Send a Push Notification message only to Android or iOS devices.

There are many other options for sending a targeted message, these are just some examples to give you an idea what can be done.

When a Push Notifications is enabled in a particular app, the first time the app launches, the device will register in the Appery.io database special Devices collection. This collection is used to send targeted Push Notification messages.

Thera are many options to customize the actual Push Notification message. Here are some properties you can set:

  • Sound to play when this Push Notification message is received.
  • Badge number to show in the upper right corner of the app icon (iOS only).
  • Custom actions when a Push Notification is received.
  • Set custom icons.
  • There are many more options covered in the documentation.

A Push Notification message can also be scheduled to be sent in the future.

A Push Notification message can be sent from the developer console. It also has REST API which means a message can be send from an app. For example, you can build an admin type app which is used to send a Push Notification to all your users without needed access to the developer console.

Push Notifications is also integrated with Server Code. This means you can easily send a message from a Server Code script.

Here is another example using the Database, Server Code and Push Notifications.

  1. Runs Server Code script once a day to check the inventory saved in the database
  2. If the inventory is below some level, in the script send a Push Notification message to the manager to let her know about low inventory.

We have a number of short videos on sending messages on our YouTube channel here and here.

Happy coding.

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