How to Add Geocoding Lookup in Your App in 5 Minutes

Let’s say you are building a mobile app where you enter an address and need to get back the location as latitude/longitude information. To do this in Server Code is super simple. Here is a Server Code script that looks up an address and returns the latitude/longitude information for the location using the Google Geocoding API:

var address = request.get("address");
var url = ""; 

var XHRResponse = XHR2.send("GET", url, {
   "parameters": {
      "address": address,
      "key": "AIzaSyAFQBtqmC.........."

var responseInJson = JSON.parse(XHRResponse.body);

Apperyio.response.success(responseInJson.results[0].geometry.location, "application/json");

When you run this script, the result looks like this (using Boston as input):

   "lng": -71.0588801,
   "lat": 42.3600825

The script has an API which you can invoke from your app:

Here is an example invoking the script directly from the browser:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.34.54 PM
Invoking the Server Code script

With geolocation logic on the server, you can change the implementation — for example use a different API without making any changes to an app and impacting the users.

Want to learn more? Check out the large collection of videos we have on our YouTube channel.

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