Blockchain Developer Summit in 10 pictures

Last week we hosted another 1-day developer education event: Blockchain Developer Summit (our previous event is here and here). The event was a huge success with over 140 technologists in attendance. Here are 10 pictures (or more) from the event.

Upker Lidder from IBM Developer SF is starting the summit

Alex Skidanov from Near Protocol was the first speaker and shared how to achieve mass adoption of Blockchain applications
IBM Developer summer interns were awesome helping run the event (from left: Arjun, Karen, Yiwen, Joel)
Sandy Khaund from Ticketmaster shared how Blockchain is used to sell and distribute tickets
Candida Haynes talked about Blockchain In Real Life (IRL)
Taariq Lewish from Promise talked about using Blockchain for credit reputation
Kapi Attawar shared how Samsung achieved 10X increase in performance in a Blockchain network
Raymond Cheng with Oasis Labs shared how to build privacy-preserving applications on Blockchain
Nadine Hachouche from Bose shared how to build a decentralized storage network with Storj
Ash Agarwal from IBM shared IBM Developer Blockchain resources and Code Patterns

This event was so awesome that 10 pictures are not enough so here are more (because why not):

Porter Stowell from IBM gave a talk on next generation enterprise Blockchain platform
Lennart Frantzell from IBM Developer SF gave a talk on supply chain and the IBM Blockchain platform
Upkar Lidder from IBM Developer was event’s MC
IBM Developer team!

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