Serverless Developer Summit in 10 pictures

IBM Developer SF hosted another full-day event: Serverless Developer Summit. Over 110 technologist spent a day learning about the Serverless ecosystem from 10 speakers from 10 companies.

We also tried something new at this summit (our two other summits are AI/ML summit and Blockchain summit). We hosted a hands-on workshop before the main talks. We created three self-paced serverless tutorials that people can complete in under 10 minutes. As people would come in, they would take a printed tutorial handout (two or all three of them) and go and code them. It’s a great way to get some hands-on training. We of course had Developer Advocates to answer any questions.

OK, the pictures.

Dave Nugent is starting the summit (top). Hands-on workshop before the main talks (bottom)

Vinci Chen from Twilio shared how to deploy communication applications with the Serveless API
Tomomi Imura from Slack shared how to build a chatbot deployed to Slack platform powered by IBM Cloud Functions (OpenWhisk)
Nima Kaviani from IBM shared how Knative brings Serverless to your Kubernetes cluster
Kevin Chen from Kong shared why having API Gateway that is separate from your cloud provider is important when managing Serverless functions
Shannon Hogue from Espagon shared how to do distributed tracing in Serverless systems
Justin from StackPath shared how Serverless influences on the Edge Computing future
Brian Luk from Cloudinary talked about the effects of the technology movement towards X-aaS and how it resulted in birth of “Serverless” architectures
Caleb Brewer from Volta talked about building a cloud – stories from going Serverless at Volta

The final talk was by Marek Sadowski and Upkar Lidder from IBM where they shared the top three use cases for Serverless with concrete examples:

  • Secure and Scalable APIs
  • Backend microservices
  • Event driven programming
Marek and Upkar sharing top three use cases for Serverless

The event was so great I had to combine two pictures at the top into collages and count them as one. And so this is picture number 11 (because why not).

Lisa Jung, our community manager without whom the event wouldn’t be possible. Karen Supandi and Arjun Gujral – our two awesome summer interns helped us tremendously 🙏 with Anthony Amanse.

Anthony, Arjun, Karen and Lisa

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