Watson Voice Agents, Neural Networks and Serverless for Mobile – watch November 2019 online meetup recordings

IBM Developer SF team hosts weekly online meetups on various topics. Online events are one of the best ways to scale your Developer Relations program and reach developers anywhere, anytime and for a long time after the event.

The following online meetups we hosted in November 2019 with links to watch the recordings.  I also encourage you to join our meetup so you will always know when our online meetups are scheduled. Our meetups are hosted by the wonderful Lisa Jung 👋.

📹 Build Watson-Enhanced Voice Agents on IBM Cloud with Nexmo (November 6, 2019) 

In this online meetup with Dave Nugent developers learned how through the IBM Voice Gateway and Nexmo platform integration, you can direct voice interactions with a cognitive self-service agent—IBM Voice Agent with Watson—or access real-time transcriptions of a phone call between two people.

Watch the recording 📺

📹 Designing Your Neural Networks: A Step By Step Walk-through (November 13, 2019) 

In this online meetup with Lavanya Shukla from Weights and Biases and Upkar Lidder developers learned:

  • Different facets of neural networks
  • How to setup a basic neural network (including choosing the number of hidden layers
  • The role momentum and learning rates play in influencing model performance
  • The problem of vanishing gradients and how to tackle it using non-saturating activation functions, BatchNorm, better weight initialization techniques and early stopping
  • The Model Asset eXchange (MAX) on IBM Developer, a place where you can find and use free open source deep learning models for text, image, audio, and video processing

Watch the recording 📺

📹 Serverless for Mobile Developers (November 20, 2019) 

In this online meetup with Marek Sadowski developers learned:

  • Who are the players in the Serverless ecosystem?
  • What are some use cases for Serverless solutions – with using a Docker as the Polyglot action
  • Best practices for the Serverless architecture for Mobile Backend as a Service
  • Whether going Serverless is really faster, better, cheaper for developers and organizations
  • Live coding examples using Swift, iOS, and Java and Android

Watch the recording 📺

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