Learning about Developer Relations: articles from past year

I learned a lot about Developer Relations in 2019 and in the process I have been sharing my experience here. The following is a collection of articles I published in the past year. I hope some of the content is valuable and helps you build and grow your program. I of course continue to learn. I’d love to hear what you think and what other topics I should cover.

How to measure Developer Relations – DevRel meetup recap

Why developers have influence today?

How many developers did we help?

Make developers awesome

Scaling Developer Relations with an online conference for developers

Developers don’t hate marketing

Developer Relations: content series

Applying the Fogg Behavior Model to Developer Relations

Share outcomes and results, not features

SF DevRel meetup at MuleSoft – what I learned and notes

Interesting content ideas you may consider

Where to publish content?

Notes from DevRelCon SF 2019

Notes 📝, Pictures 📷 and More💡from Developer Relations Conference 🥑

Using online meetups to scale your Developer Relations program

Active developers vs. awareness events, an approach we are trying

Why Developer Advocacy programs should consider working with partners

How content creates content

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