The value of no-code is clear: build faster and allow a lot more people to build

I shared earlier how no-code can help build solutions faster and allow a lot more people to participate in building solutions. I shared how the community stepped up to help fight COVID-19 by building various applications with no-code. For example, one such application is to allow restaurant owners to build an online menu for delivery or takeout:

The value of no-code is easy to understand:

  1. Build solutions faster
  2. Allow a lot more people to build solutions

A few days after I published my blog post, CNBC published a great article on demonstrating the two points above: Next frontier in Microsoft, Google, Amazon cloud battle is over a world without code. I want to share a few quotes from the article.

[NYC] created a COVID-19 crisis-management software platform in a matter of days, and without writing one line of computer code. Time is of the essence.


NYC used a no-code solution from Unqork to build this application in 48 to 72 hours. I think the time it took to build this solution is incredible. For many applications there is no need to focus on frameworks, libraries, integrations and servers. No-code allows to focus on a problem and building a solution.

Microsoft expects 500 million new apps to be built in the next half decade, which is more than all the apps built in the last 40 years


If this number is true, then this is an unprecedented demand for new software solutions. Today there are about 24-25 million developers. It’s impossible to meed this demand with this number of developers using traditional coding tools. No-code allows a lot more people to build software solutions. No-code democratizes software development. Imagine if we enabled millions more people to build solutions. These people will come with solutions, ideas, inventions that we were not possible or imaginable before. Imagine what solutions first reponders could build to help fight COVID-19?

The value of no-code is clear: build faster and allow a lot more people to build.

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