How I built a Twitter bot with no-code in 10 minutes

Earlier this year I shared:

I published the following blog posts where I show how to take an application built with code and rebuild it with no-code:

As I continue my journey I stumbled across another great application How I Built a Serverless AWS Lambda Twitter Bot in NodeJS in a Single Day and decided build it with no-code. In this blog post I’m going to show how I built a Twitter bot that posts an inspirational tweet every day at a specified time. Here is how it looks:

I was able to build the Twitter bot in about 10 minutes.

I used the following tools:

I created a Zap that has the following steps:

  1. Every day at 10am PT
  2. Get a daily inspirational quote
  3. Post a message to Twitter with the quote

Let’s see how each steps looks in more detail.

Every Day step

The Every Day step specifies when to run this Zap. In this example I’m running the Zap every day at 10am Pacific Time:

Every Day step – when to run the Zap

Note that you can see the outline of the zap on the left.

The next step is to invoke the quotes API.

GET step

The GET step allows to invoke any external REST API. In this step I’m invoking

GET step – invoking an external API

In this step I’m invoking the API. They Said So®

The last step it so create a tweet.

Create Tweet in Twitter step

In this step you connect to Twitter and put together the tweet to share:

Create Tweet in Twitter step – posting a message to Twitter

The tweet message consists of the quote, a link to the quote and an Twitter image.

Once the Zap is ready you need to enable it to run and that’s it.

What I find incredible (or perhaps not because I’m using no-code tools) is that I was able to build this bot in under 10 minutes.


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