A No-Code Definition I Like

There are many different definitions and explanations of what is no-code. I have shared my opinion on this blog:

Today I read Softr scores $2.2M seed for its no-code website and web app platform powered by Airtable article on TechCrunch and liked the very first sentence:

No-code — software that lets you accomplish tasks that previously required coding skills — is an increasingly hot space, even if the basic premise has been promised and not fully realised for many years.


I think this part:

No-code — software that lets you accomplish tasks that previously require coding skills

is one of the most clear ways to describe what is no-code.

Many more people can now build solutions (democratizing software development). This also means solutions can be built faster (make software development faster and easier)

The first article I linked above What is no-code?, I talk about no-code having two main goals:

  1. Make software development faster and easier
  2. Democratize software development

What do you think?

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