Quick Notes on No-Code, DevRel and Platforms

I am passionate about the no-code space and I also love developer relations. Lately I have been noticing two interesting things happening:

  • No-code companies hiring for DevRel roles
  • No-code companies are trying to become a platform and not just a product

As no-code companies mature they want to start working with developers. That’s probably one reason they are hiring DevRel folks. At the same time, no-code companies want to become a platform (not just a product) where other folks build on top of the platform. These companies usually expose APIs and want to encourage people to build extensions for the platform. Extensions are usually built by developers. So here is another reason why more no-code companies are hiring DevRel folks.

No-Code + DevRel

I feel that no-code + DevRel can be powerful. What do you think?

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