No-Code Screenshot: Get Notified via SMS

The screenshot below shows how to get notified via an SMS when a particular event occurs. For example, this automation can be used to notify when a user in an organization is provisioned (or de-provisioned). Any time you need to be notified via SMS this automation can be used.

Get notified with SMS flow

This particular flow is a sub-flow which means it can be invoked from any other flow.

The flow consists of the following steps (cards):

  1. The first card (Child Flow) is the input for this flow
  2. The second Compose card creates a string message to be sent to Twilio with the actual message and to/from numbers
  3. The next Compose card creates a string to call Twilio SMS API
  4. The Post card invokes the Twilio SMS API

What I love about this automation is that it was created visually, without writing any code. To learn more about Okta Workflows, try these tutorials.

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