Workflows Tips #1

This is the first (or second) Okta Workflows Tips series (read the first one).

Check Okta log if an event was fired

When using an event such as User Assigned to Application to trigger a flow you can check in the Okta dashboard log if the event was actually fired.

User Assigned to Application event

Head to Reports > System Log to view the event:

Check if event was fired

You can also access this page from Directory > People > [Persons name] and then click in View Logs:

Accessing logs from user page

Send as bot to Slack

When sending a message to Slack from a workflow, in some instances you want to send it as a bot and not using your name. To do that, configure the Slack card to send a message as bot:

Configuring Slack card to send as bot

On the next screen, set the bot name and add an emoji 🤩:

Sending a Slack message as bot

and this is how it looks in Slack now (no longer coming from your name):

A message from a Slack bot

Searching for a card

Workflows provides a large number function cards. They are organized into logic categories and you also have the Most Popular section at the top. If you are still clicking to many times to find a function, you can search at the top and find what you need quicker.

Searching for a card

Well, that’s all for now. More tips are coming soon. If you have any tips or tricks – please let me know.

Do you also want to build your first workflow automation? Then start building!

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