Guide: Using Okta Workflows to Automate User Deprovisioning via Slack

Pete Viri, is an Okta Certified Professional, with over of 10 years of IT experience currently working as a Systems Engineer at Airtable published an excellent guide on how to automate user deprovisioning with Okta Workflows via Slack. You can also find Pete on MacAdmins Slack workspace in the #okta-workflows channel.

User de-provisioning via Slack

Slack apps are a great way to integrate a variety of SaaS applications into its platform. Okta Workflows is no exceptionand works particularly well since it supports webhook triggers via its API Endpoint trigger card. We can setup flows using this to help automate the user lifecycle deprovisioning process to fill in the gaps that SCIM or other offboarding automations may not cover.–BdYQuHOg~4bfyKjpC~xXuiGfAQ-orNKxky5yAdc7f2dNu5Dr

Continue reading Pete’s excellent guide on how to deprovision users via Slack.

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