Last Week in Workflows – New How-To Guides

In case you missed any of the Workflows content from last week, here are all the educational resources I published.

🛠 How to Send a Notification to a Group of People Based on a Department. Learn how to email different groups based on employee’s department. Our new how-to guide.

🛠 How to Handle an External API Call Error in Workflows. Learn how to gracefully handle an error an API fails. Our new how-to guide.

🎁 Workflows Tips #18: Access All User Properties, Output for If/Else Condition, and Partial User Update

📺 Watch online meetup replay Build a Workflow Automation in 25 Minutes. You will learn step-by-step how to build a real workflow during the 25-minute video.

📰 (External) Salesforce’s low-code workflow tool aims to unify CRM giant’s largest acquisitions. A new tool designed to build integrated workflows between whichever tools in the Salesforce family a company uses

⭐️ All and the best resources in one place: Okta Workflows Resources

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