🗞 Last Week in Workflows – a Code Tip for No-Code, and Meetup Replay

In case you missed any of the Okta Workflows content from last week this blog post shares all the education resources, and some external news.

💎 Workflows Tips #22: httpbin to Inspect HTTP Requests, a Code Tip for No-Code, and a Meetup Replay

📺 Online meetup replay: 3 Workflow Automation Examples – Handling Errors, Custom API Actions & Deleting Users

📰 Low-code/no-code, Satya Nadella 2022 Build Keynote. At Microsoft Build 2022, Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella highlights low-code/no-code technologies

📰 Stripe launched Stripe Apps. One of the features of Apps is to streamline your most common workflows by triggering actions inside or outside of Stripe

📰 Formstack released 2022 State of Digitial Maturity: Advancing Workflow Automation report

⭐️ All and the best resources in one place: Okta Workflows Resources

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