Workflows Tips #24: Hookbin to Inspect HTTP Requests, Testing Read User & Read Group Cards, and Sending HTML Email

Welcome to another Okta Workflows Tips post. Read all previous tips.

In this post:

  • Use Hookbin to capture and inspect HTTP requests
  • Testing Read User and Read Group cards
  • Sending HTML email

Use Hookbin to capture and inspect HTTP requests

This tip is from Bryan Barrows, Workflows Builder Advocate at Okta.

A good tip, particularly when sending a raw request with API Connector card, or trying to compare request with Postman, is to send a request to a service like Hookbin that allows you inspect what’s being sent from Workflows and compare it with your other request.

API Connector – Post card

Going over to Hookbin web site you inspect the request. You see the HTTP headers, query string, and body of the request. If request payload is correct with Hookbin, you can try sending it to an actual service.

Inspecting an HTTP request on Hookbin

And a tip within a tip. We covered a similar service called httpbin you might also like.

Testing Read User and Read Group cards

Testing individual cards in a flow is highly encouraged. When using Okta – Read User or Okta – Read Group card, the test will prompt you to enter an ID for a user or a group.

To get a user ID, go to the Admin console > Directory > People and choose a person to view. Their ID will be in the browser address bar.

Getting user ID

With the user ID you can quickly test the Read User card:

Testing Read User card

Similarly, when testing Okta – Read Group card, go to Admin console > Directory > Groups, click on a group name.

Getting group ID

Using a group ID to test a card:

Testing Read Group card

Sending HTML email

Both, Gmail – Send Email and Office 365 Mail – Send Email support sending HTML email.

In Gmail – Send Email card, the HTML setting is in Options:

Send as HTML email option

In Office 365 Mail – Send Email card, the HTML option is one of the card fields:

Office 365 Mail card HTML option

The Text – Compose card supports HTML so you can write an email like this:

Compose card with HTML content

Received HTML email:

Received HTML email

Two resources to help you learn more:

📘 Try this step-by-step getting started tutorial: Build Your First Automation With Okta Workflows: Notify When User Is Suspended.

 📺 Short how-to Workflows videos to help you become a better automation builder.

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