Eclipse update site for Exadel JavaFX plug-in

We recently made Eclipse update site available for Exadel JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse. It’s now easier than ever to install the plug-in. Here is what you need to do.

Any questions or feature requests, please post them to the forum or Jira.


  1. Qlyde says:


    I have Woodstock legacy projects in need of an update. I am afraid to add component libraries to my Netbeans IDE and these Woodstock laden projects.
    Which libraries play nice with this environment?

    I’m not after any specific component, though the Woodstock Calendar component
    is garbage and it would be nice to replace it without replacing the other Woodstock stuff that was already in place.


  2. max says:

    I think you posted under the wrong post. But, I never used Woodstock calendar. You can try adding RichFaces but I don’t know how it will work together. If you need a new project with latest JSF and RichFaces, you can get it here: . It’s for Eclipse but I’m sure you can as easily import it into NetBeans. As for calendar component, this is what RichFaces has:

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