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As the creators of RichFaces, Exadel is involved in a large number of projects where RichFaces is being used. In most cases, the development is done by remote teams where the customer is working with Exadel’s teams in Eastern Europe. In some instances one or more developer could be at the customer site as well.

One of the challenges that we always faced is how to create page mockups when working with remote teams. The usual approach is for a designer to create mockups in some format and then email them to the team or the manager for feedback and review. Of course this approach presents a number of challenges such as time delay, and difficulty in providing feedback to the mockups. You end up writing on the graphic with arrows and text suggesting where to place or move various visual components.

Image if you could create and share mockups with any number of remote users instantly? Any changes you made to the mockups would instantly be seen by every one else viewing the session. Let’s say you need to move the Login component slighty to the left, you move it to the left and everyone viewing the session sees the change. No more going back and forth via email. Considers this as a “live whiteboard” where any number of remote users can create mockups in real time. Think of it as Google Docs for mockups.

Exadel has created an online application called Tiggr to let’s you do just that. Create and share mockups online with any number of designers, developers, project manager or anyone you want. The best way to see and learn what Tiggr can do is to create an account (we only ask for your email), then create and share some mockups with your team.

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Tiggr features

  • Hosted

    • Nothing to download

    • Keep your work online, access from anywhere
    • Create mockups in minutes
  • Collaborative

    • Invite your friends/colleagues/clients
    • Share and edit your mockups
    • See updates in real-time

    • User chat
  • Visual editor

    • Drag-and-drop
    • Fast and easy
    • Components tree
    • Properties editor

    • Multiple scenes (screens)
    • RichFaces components as UI design elements (Tiggr is the only design tool offering RichFaces support.)

      • Containers with various layouts (vertical, horizontal, flow, absolute)
      • Tab panels
      • Most popular JSF/RichFaces components
      • Data table with cols/rows span/split
  • Export

    • Make screenshots and save on your computer


Release 1.1.2

  • Images as project assets
  • Standard editing tools(copy/cut/paste)

Release 1.1.3

  • Project skins and default styles for UI components

Release 1.1.4

  • Markup palette
  • Project preview and export in HTML

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4 responses to “Exadel Tiggr – create and share mockups online”

  1. Max, this a really good tool. Just tried out a few mockups. Is there a place where I can provide some feedback?

  2. Jaikiran,

    Please follow this link: http://exadel.org/forum/tiggr

  3. Max:
    I just got an email and could not wait to jump in to it. I am loving it. It gives me a feeling that I am building RichFaces GUI. One question, which is, it does not allow me to import a .jpg or .png. Do you know how? Also, how can I copy component from scene 1 to scene 2?
    – Hobi

  4. @Hobi: To export as image, select Scene/Save as Image. Yes, it’s possible to copy between scenes. Just use the standard Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v

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