Webinar: Ajax Applications with JSF 2 and the New RichFaces 4 – Sept 8, 2010

With the upcoming release of RichFaces 4, we are doing a webinar on new RichFaces 4. Register and learn what’s new in RichFaces 4.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 | 2pm EDT (GMT-4 New York) / 18:00 GMT / 8pm CEST (GMT+2 Paris)

RichFaces is a JSF framework with AJAX components (over 100), skins, themes, and a component development kit. Although JSF 2 now offers basic AJAX functionality (which was, in fact, greatly inspired by RichFaces), a broader rich component library is still needed to build most real-world JSF AJAX applications. This webinar will first cover JSF 2 AJAX features and then the extra value the new RichFaces 4 adds on top of JSF 2 through its advanced features, tags, customization, and flexibility. Whether you are new to using JSF for developing AJAX applications or you can already show your JSF battle scars, this webinar has something to offer to you.

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