Are you building user interfaces?

Many people will say yes. Be it a web, desktop, mobile or Eclipse interface. Everyone is building user interfaces today. The next question is how do you prototype or wireframe the UI? Some use Photoshop to HTML method and I’m sure a number of you don’t use anything at all. Using Photoshop to HTML approach is fine but it’s very challenging to collaborate, make changes. You end up emailing large files to each other.

There is a better and easier way if you use Exadel Tiggr. Tiggr is web-based, enterprise application prototyping and wireframing tool. You create application screens with drag and drop, invite colleagues and team members from anywhere to review and make any changes. Upload your own images and much more. Need to review how the screen will look in a web browser? There is Web Preview feature. Try Tiggr and let us know what you think.

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