Exadel jsf4birt – BIRT reporting in JSF applications is now on exadel.org

I’m happy to announce that Exadel jsf4birt project is now open source and has moved to exadel.org. jsf4birt makes it easy to embed a BIRT report inside JSF application. jsf4birt only requires JSF 1.2 but you can easily add RichFaces to add Ajax and other rich functionality.

JSF page:


BIRT report is inserted into a JSF page as a JSF component and rendered:

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3 responses to “Exadel jsf4birt – BIRT reporting in JSF applications is now on exadel.org”

  1. Balasubramanian Avatar

    Does jsf4birt support JSF2 ?

  2. @Balasubramanian: current version works JSF 1.2 only.

  3. Hi Max, does this mean jsf4birt cannot be used under JBoss 6?

    I tried to deploy exadel-jsf4birt-demo.war under JBoss 6 but failed.


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