What is going to happen with Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse?

JavaFX 2.0 will use Java APIs instead of JavaFX script to build user interfaces. If you are curious what’s going happen with Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse, I blogged about it in JavaOne 2010: what happened with JavaFX (part 2) post. Here is the excerpt on the plug-in (and Flamingo):

How was Exadel involved with JavaFX? In two ways. First, we had the Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse and Exadel Flamingo: both open source. Flamingo allows connecting JavaFX to server-side technologies such as Java EE 6, Seam, and Spring. Flamingo also supports Flex, Swing, and JavaME connecting to these same technologies.

What’s going to happen to these products? The most affected product is our JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse. The JavaFX Script editor was one of the main features in the plug-in. With Oracle stopping JavaFX Script development, there is little value for us to continue developing the plug-in. So, as of now it’s on hold. There is some good news. Steve Chin is launching a new project and language called Visage. The language is very closely based on JavaFX script and will need a good Eclipse-based tooling. This is one area where our plug-in could get a new lease on life.

Now to Flamingo. The Flamingo situation is a little better. Once the JavaFX 2.0 API is out, we will quickly update Flamingo to work with the new API. Even today Flamingo works with Swing, so updating it to work with the new API should be simple. Enterprise applications are going to be very important and a framework like Flamingo is needed to easily connect the UI with the enterprise server side. As Amy Fowler said in her blog post A Heartfelt Ramble on Swing & JavaFX: “Oracle sells a lot of applications, and those applications will need great UIs too.”

The latest version of JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse can be downloaded from exadel.org.

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