Tiggr has a new cool address

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Tiggr is our online collaborative tool for developing prototypes for applications. We’ve had it in public beta for a couple of months. During this time, we’ve benefited from a lot of useful feedback to make this into a great tool. As Tiggr has matured, we thought it was time to give it a more dis tinc tive do main name. The new domain name is: http://gotiggr.com

Don’t worry. The old links will continue to work.

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4 responses to “Tiggr has a new cool address”

  1. wow, i’m very impressed with Tiggr !
    I had used MockingBird before, which is a great wire-framing tool.

    to be honest, i wasn’t expecting much from Tiggr,
    but i am blown away.
    i could create mockups very easily, and actually connected my screens to implement navigation, and could see it live in action using web preview ! that was fantastic, and bundle download as html is great too.

    the great thing is, using web-preview or html/download, one can use the markup generated by Tiggr (all the divs), to rapidly create the UI, in the UI framework of choice. I plan to use it for GWT mockups.

    i definitely recommend wire-framing tools, as they save us lots of headaches when dealing with CSS layouts, etc. and decisions can be made early on before diving into coding, and design can be verified with stakeholders right away, which saves a lot of rework down the road.

    I found Tiggr to be more geared toward creating mock-ups for Web Applications, as opposed to websites. Tiggr could take some ideas from Mockingbird and add some web 2.0 controls.

    some suggestions:

    1- at the moment new users have to register before being able to access Tiggr.
    would be better to let them just use the tool, and ask them for registration only when they want to save their project.
    new users just want to play around, drag and drop few controls and get the feel of it.
    however it was an easy step, but just my suggestion.

    2- when creating a number of screens (they appear in panel at the bottom), and upon selection, the properties for each screen can be set on the “right panel”. I noticed the right panel doesn’t get updated correctly from time to time. for example if i link two screens, and
    changing the name of one of the screens, doesnt get reflected in the right panel, when selecting the other screen (occasionally). i think more test in that area might be needed.

    3- one thing i find a bit annoying, was problem with “Right Click”, i was expecting to right-click on controls, and be able to set some properties, but rightclick caused the browser context-menu to show up, showing Adobe info etc.

    *** just one thing, is Tiggr created using Flash ?

    but support for keyboard controls: ctrl z, ctrl v, ctrl c, was great, and was impressed when i could just drag group of controls from one screen to another with no hassle.

    overall i am very impressed with Tiggr.

    New RichFaces is exciting too. looking forward to that.

    Hope Tiggr remains free for small teams of under 3 !

    I am super excited about Tiggr ! just what i needed !
    Thank you Tiggr Team !

  2. @zixzigma: thank you for your comments and feedback!

    We working on adding a lot more components, including social and mobile.

    1) It’s an interesting suggestion, we will look into it more. We did make the registration as simple as possible, just your email.

    2) I’ll try to reproduce it and will enter it as a bug.

    3) Good suggestion.

    Tiggr is build with RichFaces (projects page) and Flash (the white board, components).

  3. Hello Max,

    I have a question and a suggestion.

    for the tab panel, is it possible to add more tabs ?
    the default is three, can we add more ?

    and for more controls/widgets, i think would be nice to add one for “Notes”,
    to use for extra comments. one can use Text field, but using one of these ubiquitous Bubbles you see in tool-tips is helpful. it emphasizes certain part of the screen, good for adding comments on the screen itself.

    Thank You

  4. @zixzigma: yes, you can edit the tabs: http://mkblog.exadel.com/2010/09/exadel-tiggr-mockups-dynamic-widgets/

    We are also working on adding Notes feature.

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