JavaFX 2.0 – no Mac or Linux support?

In early February JavaFX 2.0 preview was released to partners and beta testers. A number of articles and blogs appeared demonstrating the new JavaFX 2.0 API (here, here and here). In general the feedback was very good and everyone is impressed with JavaFX 2.0. I think everyone likes that idea that plain Java again is used to build the UI.

Something that no one has mentioned and surprises me very much is that JavaFX 2.0 will only be supported on Windows, at least at first, according to this interview with Richard Bair, the architect for client software at Oracle. This basically means that you most likely can’t develop or run a JavaFX application on either Mac or Linux. I think it’s a huge problem and will make JavaFX adoption extremely challenging (again).


  1. talski says:

    you must be kiding, what a shame…

  2. Daniel Rodrigues says:

    Yeah, Richard Bair said that, but when he said supported, we must
    understand oficially supported. Altough Oracle says that only windows is supported, we found some examples of JavaFX 2.0 running over Mac and Linux too . So it’s not too bad. Sorry for bad English.

  3. I saw the same thing, after I signed up for the early access release, for which I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So, I didn’t disclose that tidbit, but now it is out in the open… I don’t think that Oracle has the same vision for JavaFX as those in the Java community who hailed it as the next Swing. It doesn’t seem as if the technology is going to make it into the core of Java. It doesn’t seem as if this is going to reach consumers. It will be an optional toolkit for developing corporate apps, maybe not free in the future, probably not open source. That may make a lot of sense for Oracle, but it’s not so great for the larger Java community.

  4. Cedric sipa says:

    i’m not sure this is a place to make my request but i hope someone will help me
    i’m tring for severals day now to convert this javafx1.3 code to javafx 2.0
    can someone please help me to convert it?

  5. max says:

    @Cedric sipa: I would post this question on JavaFX forum…

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