Slides: Ajax Applications with JSF 2 and new RichFaces 4 at TheServerSide Java Symposium

Slides from RichFaces 4 session at TheServer Side Java Symposium conference in Las Vegas, March 16-18.

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3 responses to “Slides: Ajax Applications with JSF 2 and new RichFaces 4 at TheServerSide Java Symposium”

  1. Java Developer Avatar

    I like JSF and RichFaces but I am concerned regarding such experiences of other developers:

    I am developing a small intranet applications for the small number of users. I would not dare to develop applications for a large number of users in the JSF (RichFaces) framework. JSF and RichFaces are great but these problems will be solved.

    Can you tell us a little about this? Is there somewhere a valid analysis of performance JSF (RichFaces) applications? Can you help us how to create a valid, scalable Ricfaces application, which is the best programming practices?

  2. @Java Developer: I believe this issue is fixed in RichFaces 3.3.3. I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies that use JSF and RichFaces in large applications, and have large number of users. I don’t think there is a single document that describes performance analysis, searching would be your best bet. There are many blogs, articles, etc on various JSF (and RichFaces) performance techniques.

  3. Java Developer Avatar

    Thanks a lot. Regularly follow your blog, others I have no interest. 🙂 Anyway thanks for your suggestion:)

    I saw the richfaces application in the production and impressive. I hope you also will personally address this issue in the future.

    In the meantime I will start to develop J2EE applications that will use the new JSF2 and Richfaces4 framework. However J2EE server provides secure better performance than Tomcat. While Tomcat is also a very good.

    Best regards

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