Book Giveaway: How Not To Write An App

How Not To Write An App is a great little book by Rod Cambridge (@appDebut, web site). Instead of telling you how to write an app (I’m sure there are plenty of books that do that), Rod tells you how NOT to write a mobile app in 10 fun, and easy to read lessons based on his experience building an iPhone Top-Tens app. However, the lessons and tips Rod gives in his book can be easily applied to Anroid, Windows Phone and mobile Web apps. It’s a great read and you can win a FREE copy (read below).

  1. Lesson 1: So what’s an app?
  2. Lesson 2: This is going to be so easy!
  3. Lesson 3: Research? Who needs it?
  4. Lesson 4: User Interface guidelines are for nerds
  5. Lesson 5: To-Do or not To-Do
  6. Lesson 6: An elevator pitch? Really!?
  7. Lesson 7: Why worry about the users?
  8. Lesson 8: Marketing, schmarketing…
  9. Lesson 9: Who needs Social Networks?
  10. Lesson 10: Who needs Developers?

Rod was nice enough to give FIVE free copies of his book to readers of my blog. To enter the giveaway, just enter your email address. One winner will be randomly picked each day.

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