Building Mobile Apps In The Cloud at GigaOM Mobilize

Next Tuesday, September 27, I will be presenting Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder at GigaOM Mobilize event in San Francisco. The session has a workshop format so I will build a real mobile app during the session – an app that everyone in the room can try as I build it.

The workshop starts at 12:45pm (Tuesday, Sept. 27).

Building Mobile Apps in the Cloud
Exadel’s Tiggr is a Cloud-based development platform for building mobile Web and native apps that uses PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile.In this workshop, you will see how to build and test cross-platform, cross device mobile Web apps consuming Cloud and Web services using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript using a drag-and-drop visual editor.

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  1. […] Mobile Apps Builder is going to be at GigaOM Mobilize event next week, Sept. 26-27. Attend our workshop and you will learn quickly to build mobile apps in the cloud. A real mobile app will be built […]

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