How to Ask For Help And Get Help Fast

I have been doing a lot of support for Tiggzi Mobile App Builder on the forum and via email. I enjoy it very much. First because I’m able to help users, and second, I get to learn new things that I didn’t’ know before. But, there is one problem. Many emails that I get basically say: “xyz doesn’t work”. No details, no steps to reproduce the problem, no error messages, no screen shots – nothing.

This applies to any tool, product, service out there. Next time you want to get help and fast, please provide this information (or at least most of it). Not only will it help us solve your problem faster (instead of sending you an message back asking for all this), but it will also show us that you put some time in trying to understand the issue.

  • The exact problem you are facing
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • The exact error message you get (if any)
  • A screen shot of the problem/error message is always helpful

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2 responses to “How to Ask For Help And Get Help Fast”

  1. steffen herter Avatar

    Hello Mr. Katz,

    thank you for this really good book.
    the problem i am facing in RF 4.1 is the following:
    i have a a4j:status element and a rich:datatable with sorting and filtering functions.
    everything works fine. when i click on the header link the table is sorted and the a4j:status shows me the right pic and returns to the right pic when ajax is completed. the thing i want to do is that an arrow accurs when the table is sorted. if i render not only the table body with tableId@body for sorting but also the header tableId@header the a4j:status never returns back to the refresh icon. the loading.gif is shown all the time till i click on an other row for sorting where only the body is rendered.
    hope you can help me to solve this problem. thanks and regard steffen

    code is shown below:

  2. @steffen: I’m not sure why it’s happening, I don’t see the code but you should post it on RichFaces forum:

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