Developer Relations Conference in 10 pictures 🥑📸

This week I attended Evans Data Developer Relations Conference held in San Mateo. It was a great conference with great speakers. I took a lot of notes and will publish a separate blog post about the conference. For now, here are 10 pictures from the conference.

Data Evans Developer Relations Conference 2019

Willie Tejada from IBM is talking about Code, Content and Community
Dan Shaw from PayPal is talking about zen and the art of understanding developers
Jim Jaquet from SAP is showing a typical developer journey
Avinash Harsh and Grace Francisco from Roblox shared 5 ways to scale up developer support & engagement
Jenny Burcio from Docker shared how influencers can help scale your Developer Relations program
Adam Seligman from Google in his talk “DevRel: Are we doing it all wrong” questioned if we are making developers more successful
Jeff Sandquist from Microsoft shared what amazing Developer Advocates Microsoft hires from various communities
Siddhartha Agarwal from Oracle shared how they scale their Developer Relations program
Scott Burnell from Ford in his talk “What’s In It For Me?” shared interesting stats about their developer program at Ford

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