Containers Developer Summit in 10 pictures

On Friday, September 27 IBM Developer SF hosted a 1-day Containers Developer Summit. We started with a hands-on workshop on how to build your first container-based application followed by talks from Alibaba, Kong, and IBM. Here are 10 pictures from the summit.

Dave Nugent is kicking off the summit

Marek Sadowski is sharing the workshop portion of the summit
Marek is showing how to start the workshop
Hands-on workshop on how to build and deploy your first container-based application
Michael Ka from NeuVector
is sharing how to detect and prevent containers and Kubernetes attacks
Andy Shi from Alibaba gave a talk on how to secure containers
Kevin Chen from Kong shared how to add authentication, load-balancing, traffic throttling, transformations, caching, metrics, and logging across Kubernetes clusters
Anthony Amanse from IBM gave a talk on how to deploy containers on OpenShift
Marek and Dave from IBM gave a debate-style and fun talk on Kubernetes vs. OpenShift
Ravikumar Alluboyina from gave a talk on 1-click deployment of Hadoop cluster on IBM IKS Platform

You can also view pictures from our prior summits.


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