A year of blogging every week

Last January I set a goal for myself to publish a blog post every week that offer some value, even if small (I actually started in February 2019). I couldn’t miss even a single week, no excuses. I had to publish something. Now, not every blog post was a long-form, in fact most blog posts were short and cover something very small/specific. Nevertheless, the goal was not to miss a single week. For me it was important to get into the habit and stay consistent and once the habit was established it became easier to come up with content ideas and write every week. If this also works for you — that’s great. You should come up with your own approach to keep going.

If you think it will be hard to come up new ideas every week that go beyond the standard tutorial, article or how-to, I shared a blog post on interesting content ideas you can try. The blog post covers the following ideas:

  • Notes or summary from a conference, meetup
  • Event in 10 pictures
  • Links to series of articles
  • Links to previous month video recordings

Since I published that blog post, here are some additional ideas to help you.

Link to a podcast

If you recorded a podcast (as a guest for example), create a blog post by linking to the podcast or embedding it in the post itself.


Do a Q&A with a colleague, a friend or someone you know from another company. Dave Nugent has done a number Q&A blog posts which are great.

Answer questions on Quora

See what people are asking on Quora about a particular topic. Publish a blog post that answers that question and then answer the Quora question with a link to your blog.

Drafts (when out of ideas)

Write 1-2 blog post drafts and keep them as drafts. If at some point throughout the year you don’t have anything to publish or just very busy, you can always go back to the drafts and publish them.

See what others are doing

OK, if you are really out of ideas, you can always peak (or also called borrowing brilliance) at what other people are writing. For example, majority of content on Serverless is based on using AWS Lambda. Take a tutorial that uses AWS Lambda and write a similar one that uses Azure Functions, IBM Cloud Functions or Google Cloud Functions.

I hope these old and new ideas help you write on regular bases whether you decide to publish once a week, every two weeks or once a month. If you are new to blogging or have been writing for some time, you should also read Where to publish content?

If you have any other ideas, I’d love to learn about them so please share in comments.

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