Start Building With 40 Free Cloud Services

Most people perhaps are not aware of this: IBM Cloud offers 40 free cloud services. You can register for a completely free plan called Lite (no credit card needed) that will never expire and start building with any of the 40 free services. I think it’s pretty awesome and you get a lot of value (more info on what you get).

Every service offers a free generous tier. For example, the Cloudant service includes the following:

  • 20 Reads per second
  • 10 Writes per second
  • 5 Queries per second
  • 1 GB Storage

How can you see all the free cloud services? Go to this page (it has the Lite services filter on) to see all services included in the Lite plan.

If you want to see all the services, on the left-hand side menu, scroll down until you see Pricing plan section. There you uncheck the Lite plan option.

Some of the Lite (free) plan services

I encourage you to register for the free Lite plan at to see how these services can help you solve problems.

To learn more about how these services can help you, I’d also encourage you to follow us on Crowdcast – where we host weekly developer education meetups.

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