No-Code With Palantir And IBM: Why I Think It Makes Sense

In early February Palantir and IBM announced a partnership: IBM and Palantir Partner to Help Businesses Easily Deploy Powerful and Open AI Applications; Unlock Valuable Data Across Hybrid Cloud Environments.

The announcement itself is typical, with lots of corporate language. But what caught my eye is this part:

It is designed to provide an easy to use “no-code/low-code” environment for building applications that use AI to inform data-driven decision making and automate tasks and processes.

I think this makes a lot of sense. The no-code/low-code space is mostly dominated by startups today. That’s great of course. I’d assume one challenge for these companies is how to gain new customers and gain market share.

No Code Conf – November 2019

I’m happy to see big enterprises and big cloud companies are getting into the no-code/low-code space. AWS released Honeycode, Microsoft has Power Apps, Google has AppSheet, and IBM Cloud has the Node-RED platform. They have large customer bases and they can make these tools available to their customers. This will enable the customers to build solutions faster. It will also democratize development as a lot more people (with some technical background) from these organizations will be able to solve problems without coding.

Details on this particular partnerships are still sparse. I can imagine a technical person (but not a coder) connecting Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data tool-set to their enterprise data and then using no-code and visual tools solve problems and make decision, all without writing any code. I personally find this incredible powerful. This will democratize access. At the same time, it can also help traditional developers (coders) build solutions faster.

I’d love to see more no-code tools from enterprises and cloud platforms. I also believe many enterprises will acquire some of the no-code companies in the next few years. Another interesting topic is with so many no-code startups out there, it’s not clear how all can survive. But that’s another blog post. That’s why I think many some will be acquired.

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