Replay: I Became an IBMer in High School -This Is What I Learned

Every year IBM has summer internship programs for high-school and college students. This year is no different. The IBM Developer Advocacy organization hosted four wonderful high school interns this summer: CristinaCarolinaVictoria, and Rodrigo (other parts of IBM hosted more interns).

I Became an IBMer in High School -This Is What I Learned online meetup

Cristina, Carolina, Victoria, and Rodrigo worked on different projects during the internship. At the end of their internship (this week) they hosted a live Crowdcast online meetup where they shared how they became IBM interns, what projects they worked on, and what their experience was working at IBM. Joining a big company like IBM when you are only a high-school senior can be exciting and also scary. They did a wonderful job, they learned a lot, they loved working with IBM folks and I believe will remember this experience for a life time.

I encourage you to watch the online meetup replay where you will learn about their projects and experiences. Cristina, Carolina, Victoria, and Rodrigo will give you an overview of the following:

  • Brief introduction and background
  • The IBM internship program
  • How we became interns
  • Internship projects 
    • Healthcare case study showcasing DataStax graphing capabilities
    • Technical Media Production and Documentation
    • SEO Review Response
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages or Microservices? ~ Article
    • Using Microservices to create a To-Do list
  • Conclusion and advise to other high schoolers

Check out our Crowdcast online meetups channel for more developer education videos.

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