Which Company Runs a Great Developer Relations Program?

If you attended a Developer Relations, Developer Marketing conference, or meetup then you probably heard that Twilio and Stripe run excellent Developer Relations programs.

And they do, absolutely.

Image credit: TechCrunch

Both Twilio and Stripe have teams of passionate and helpful Developer Advocates, good developer experience, good documentation, getting started guides, sample apps, API reference, a place to get help (support), SDKs and vibrant communities.

Of course there are many other companies that do Developer Relations well but these two (Twilio and Stripe) tend to be mentioned the most.

Now, I think what is rarely mentioned is the fact that both Twilio and Stripe (and many other companies) offer a compelling product/service. They provide a service that helps developers solve a problem. For example, Twilio enables developers to add SMS capability to any app. And Stripe enables developers to add the ability to accept payments. Again, both provide a great value, they both solve a problem.

It’s hard to build a good Developer Relations program around a product or a service that doesn’t provide a lot of value. What do you think?

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