How to Add Error Handling to a Flow and Continue Execution When an Error Occurs

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On to the question.

How to add error handling to a flow and continue execution when an error occurs?

When a card execution fails, the flow execution will stop. Any cards after the error card will not be executed.

For example, in the screenshot below, API call fails, the flow stops executing and the Assign card is not processed.

Card execution error

Another example where flow execution stops is when Read User card results in an error (when providing an invalid user ID).

Card execution error

You want to be able to gracefully handle the error and continue the flow execution. To do that use the Error Handling – If Error card.

The If Error card has two sections: Try and If Error. You will try something and if it fails, the if error logic will be called and will allow you to continue the flow execution.

Using the API example from above, this is how the Try section looks. You place cards inside the Try section.

If Error card – Try section

This is how the If Error section looks. You add any cards to process the error.

If Error card – section to handle error

The If Error card allows to define output. Based on which path is taken, the Number will be set to either 100 or -100.

Tip: Learn how to create outputs for an If/Else card

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If the flow generates an error, the If Error card handles the error and the flow execution continues. The Assign card outside of If Error was processed.

Flow execution continues after an error

In the same way you can place Read User inside the Try section of If Error card.

If Error card – Try section
If Error card – section to handle error

Even though the Read User cards results in an error the flow execution continues. The Assign card outside of If Error was processed.

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