How to Create Flow or Folder Backup and Save It to Google Drive

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On to the question.

How to create flow or folder backup and save it to Google Drive?

Workflows has two cards to help with backing a flow or a folder:

  • Flows – Export Flow
  • Folders – Export Folder

Both cards work in similar way. The Flows – Export Flow card creates a backup for a particular flow, and the Folders – Export Folder card creates a backup a folder with one or more flows.

Here is an example of a flow that uses Export Folder to create a backup of a folder and upload it to Google Drive. The flow is schedule to run every Monday at 9 AM.

Folder backup to Google Drive

The flow has the following steps:

  1. Run the flow on a schedule (Schedule Flow)
  2. Folders – Export Folder card creates a backup of a selected folder
  3. You want to have a unique name for each backup. The Date & Time – Now cards returns the current time
  4. Using the backup file name and the current time, the Text – Concatenate card creates a unique file name
  5. The last step is to upload the file to Google Drive using Google Drive – Upload File card. Parent folder ID is specified in order to upload the file to a specific folder

Flow backup looks almost identical. The only change is the flow is now using Flows – Export Flow to backup a particular flow.

Flow backup to Google Drive

Google Drive folder looks like this after running folder back and flow backup one time.

Google Drive folder

I also recorded two short videos that show how these flows work:

📺 How to Create a Flow Backup and Save It to Google Drive

📺 How to Create a Folder Backup and Save It to Google Drive

You can also backup a flow to GitHub. Check out Versioning for Flows and Folders with Github template to learn more.

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