🗞 Last Week in Workflows – Register for Online Meetup, and How to Read JSON Path

In case you missed any of the Workflows content from last week, here are all the educational resources I published.

🚌 Online Meetup: 3 Workflow Automation Examples in 25 Minutes – Handling Errors, Custom API Actions, and Deleting Users. Join this no-slides online meetup to learn how to build three important workflow automation examples

💎 Workflows Tips #21: Connecting Data to Search, Rearranging Fields, Reading JSON, and Online Meetup

📖 How to Read a JSON Path With Dot-Notation in Workflows. Learn how to read and evaluate JSON objects

📰 (External) Pipedream lands $20M to connect disparate apps. Founded in 2019, Pipedream is akin to workflow automation platforms like Zapier, Integromat, Workato and MuleSoft — albeit more developer-focused.

⭐️ All and the best resources in one place: Okta Workflows Resources

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