How to Create a Custom Slack Connection in Okta Workflows Connector Builder

Okta Workflows connectors

Okta Workflows makes it easy to automate identity processes at scale – without writing code. Using the if-this-then-that logic, Okta’s pre-built connector library and the ability to connect to any publicly available API, anyone can innovate with Okta. Okta’s Workflows Connector Builder is a no-code development tool for creating connectors on the Workflows platform. It leverages the same Workflows functionality used by Okta customers to turn their use cases into automated pre-canned flows. Flogrammers (Workflow Programmers) can use Connector Builder to package their flows with authentication and branding to be used by customers in their own tenants, or submitted to the Okta Integration Network for inclusion in the public catalog for use by all Okta customers on the Workflows platform. For additional information on Okta Workflows, see the documentation here and for additional information on Connector Builder, see the documentation here.

Mark Smith, a CIAM Specialist, published a tutorial that shows how to use the Okta Workflows Connector Builder to build a custom connector for Slack in order to leverage Slack modals.

Try this tutorial to build a custom Workflows connector.

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