Online Meetup: Learn How to Process a List With a Helper Flow in 25 Minutes

Join another Okta Workflows online meetup ✨

Workflows main flow and helper flow

⭐️ What is this

Join this (fun) no-slides online meetup to learn how to process a list using a helper flow in Okta Workflows in 25 minutes. 

🚀 When and register

  • When: Wednesday, August 31, 9 a.m. PT
  • I want to attend: register now

🎓 What you will learn

You will learn step-by-step how to build a flow that uses a helper flow to process a list: 

  • How to use a List For-Each card to process a list
  • How to use the streaming option to process a list

And, stick around to get your questions answered. This is a no slides session (well, maybe just one or two at the beginning)

👷🏻 Who should attend

Everyone is welcome of course, but if you want to know, these folks should attend:

  • Folks who are new to Workflows!
  • Folks who want to learn about No-Code, workflows and automation
  • IT Administrators, Integration Architects
  • Product Manager, Developers, Marketing Operations and Technology Leads
  • DevOps Engineers and Security Engineers

🎙 Speaker

  • Max Katz, Workflows Community Advocate (yes, that’s me 😜)

🎥 Previous online meetups

Looking for previous online meetups recordings? Go to our YouTube channel to watch all previous events.

📺 Replay

Check out the event replay ⤵️

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