Comparing a JavaScript For Loop With a Workflows For Each Card

Update August 25:

Gabriel Sroka from MacAdmins Slack community told me this is a more elegant way to write a for loop in JavaScript today and I agree:

const groceries = ['bread', 'cheese', 'milk', 'eggs', 'apples', 'butter'];

for (const item of groceries) {

Gabriel also shared a Python version:

groceries = ['bread', 'cheese', 'milk', 'eggs', 'apples', 'butter']

for item in groceries:


This blog post compares a code-based (JavaScript) for loop with a no-code Workflows For Each card.

I thought it would be a fun blog post to write.

Thanks to Bryan Barrows for inspiring to write this blog. Bryan shared this image in our internal Slack to help a customer:

JavaScript for loop

Ok, so let’s start with a code-based for loop. The JavaScript code snippet below creates a list (array) of strings. Then a for loop iterates over the list and upper cases each item in the list.

// create a list (array) of strings
var groceries = ['Bread', 'Cheese', 'Milk', 'Eggs', 'Apples', 'Butter'];

// loop over the list and upper case each string
for (i=0; i<groceries.length; i++){

Output running this code:


You can view and run this code at JS Bin:

Ok, now let’s look at the Workflows solution.

This is the main flow. It creates a list with List – Construct card. Then it passes the list to List – For Each card (that’s the for loop).

A list is passed to for each

So the above flow is this code:

// create a list (array) of strings
var groceries = ['Bread', 'Cheese', 'Milk', 'Eggs', 'Apples', 'Butter'];

// loop over the list and upper case each string
for (i=0; i<groceries.length; i++){

And this is helper flow. This flow does upper case to each item in the list:

A helper flow that does to upper case for each list item

And this flow is this code:


When you run this flow the helper flow is called six times and the result is each text item is converted with to upper case:

Running a flow

And this is how it looks all together:

Code-based (JavaScript) and Workflows solutions

Hope this was a fun comparison and thanks again to Bryan.

🔁 If you want to learn more about setting up a helper flow with for each card and streaming, read How to Setup a Workflows Helper Flow (With For-Each and Streaming Cards).

More resources to help you learn:

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