How to Fix a 403 Forbidden Error When Using Search Systems Logs Card

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On to the question. 

How to fix 403 Forbidden error when using Search Systems Logs card?

Okta – Search Systems Logs card allows you to search the Okta log by a keyword (and also expression, set in Options):

Search Systems Logs card

When a run a flow with this card, you might get a 403 Forbidden error:

403 Forbidden error with Search Systems Logs card

To fix this error you need to grant an additional scope to the Okta connection.

  1. From the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications
  2. Click Okta Workflows OAuth
  3. Open Okta API Scopes tab
  4. Find the scope and click Grant
  5. For this scope to take effect, you need to reauthorize the connection being used
Granting a scope to a connection

After you reauthorize, run the flow again. The card is now able to search the logs:

Search Systems Logs card

🙏🏼 Thanks to Bryan Barrows (LinkedIn, blog) who helped with this question on the MacAdmins Slack channel.

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