A Flow to Help With Lifecycle Reporting

Okta Workflows community flows are flows shared by community members. These flows show how to solve a particular problem. You might have the same problem you are trying to solve or a similar one. Either way, these community flows will help you learn and build automations.

And, here is a directory of all other community-created flows.

Lifecycle activity reporting flow

This flow is from Pete Viri. Pete is an Okta Certified Professional, with over of 10 years of IT experience currently working as a Senior IAM Engineer at Faire.

Hey Everyone, I wanted to share a flow I recently created to help with lifecycle reporting. This is a native feature in a lot of SIEM tools, but if you currently don’t have a service like that or want lightweight reporting, this flow will let you know when X users are being added/removed from apps within Y seconds.

This can help mitigate issues that arise from HRIS changes that may cause a large amount of people to be added or removed from apps via group rules. The only thing you need to do is configure your quantity (X) and time (Y) thresholds, and the slack channel you want it to post to.

Pete Viri

Download the flow (this is a link to a MacAdmins Slack channel. You need to be a member or join to download).

Additionally you have to create an event hook from Okta as indicated in the screenshot:

Event hook endpoint

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